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Preschool in Whittier, California

The time between a toddler's understanding of language until they begin grade school is a crucial period for development. Children learn values and principles that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. More to the point, elementary schools are expecting more and more from children at earlier stages. The Santa Fe Kid Company of California in Whittier works on behavior and academics to prepare children for the experiences ahead of them.

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Preschool through Kindergarten: Class Agenda

At Santa Fe Kid Company of California, our ultimate goal is to give your child the tools necessary to succeed in his or her academic career. Each learning program is based on the developmental needs of each child, but we do maintain certain standards to keep the children's learning on the schedule. Children the age of two are taught basic geometry, color recognition, language skills, and also receive homework. At age three, we get more in depth with numbers and math as well as arts and crafts. By pre-K, children begin to learn reading and writing. We are extremely fortunate to have had the same kindergarten teacher since we opened more than 35 years ago.

Emphasis on Good Manners

The Santa Fe Kid Company of California creates a structured environment to give children a sense of focus and responsibility. Every day we have carpet time where we work on values and attitude. Children learn the importance of good behavior, how to pay attention, and learn multiple ways of expressing themselves. Class sizes are no larger than 12 to ensure each child's needs are met.

Daily Activities

Children receive regularly scheduled breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day between the hours of 6:15 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Each child receives an age-appropriate workbook to help guide them through the curriculum. On a typical day, we focus on academics in the morning and arts and crafts in the afternoon.

How to Register

The Santa Fe Kid Company of California is one of the highest rated preschools and also one of the least expensive. There is a one-time $60 fee for registration, and a weekly charge of $140. This includes all meals. Contact us today if you are interested in registering or if you'd like to visit our facility.